13 Serving Dishes that’ll bring a smile to your face

13 Serving Dishes that’ll bring a smile to your face

We all know the feeling… you slave away for hours in the kitchen for that daily family dinner, but no one thanks you for all your hard work. No meal should go without a big THANK YOU to the host and chef! Here are some cute serving dishes that will bring a smile on your face again (and a smile on everyone at your table)! Mud Pie is known for its adorable and unique dinnerware that are great for gifting. Take a look at these happy little plates, bowls, and pitchers.

1) This “More is Better” Butter Dish for you to better “Butter your Buns”

Butter Dish

Use this for that delicious Earth Balance you love so much.

Promising Review:
“A really stunning and unique butter dish. I love, love, love it! I went ahead and ordered the matching salt and pepper cellar.” – by Christi Z


2) This “Mex-ellent” dip cup set to display your “Nacho Ordinary Salsa”

Salsa Bowl

Promising Review:

“Bought as a gift, They loved it! I love it! and so cute saying inside and on the spoon too” – by Tally Talbotts


3) These butter knives that will make you laugh during a mundane task such as spreading butter on your toast

Butter Knives

Use these adorable knives (yeah, let those two words sink in…) with vegan butter, margarine, jelly, nut butters, etc!

Promising Review:

“Mud Pie stuff is so cute and such awesome quality. Loved this. It made a perfect gift. Highly recommend.” – by K. Lynn


4) This taco platter that gives you instructions to make the perfect taco bar for your party

Taco Platter

No one will even know that you used cashew cream cheese and vegan shredded cheese!

Promising Review:

“What is not to love about this platter. Makes the cutest statement.

Came packaged so well!” – by Lexigirl45


5) This salsa double dip set that lets your guests know which salsa they have the tolerance for!

Double Dip Set

Nope, no one is going to have steam coming out of their ears at your dinner.

Promising Review:

“I love it and have used it several times already!” – by chris holt


6) This brownie baker set that reminds you that “Life is what you bake it”

Brownie Baker

Promising Review:

“love the mud pie bakeware…each piece is perfect” – by STACY SCOTT


7) Let’s “Bake the world a better place,” one baked good at a time with this super cute mixing bowl that has a spout for you to pour your batter out easily!

Mixing Bowl

Promising Review:

“My wife was really impressed and the product was shipped with love. Great packaging” – by Amazon Customer


8) This too-cute candy dish that reminds you were you can treat your sweet tooth

Candy Dish

Promising Review:

“This candy dish is adorable! I use it as work and get so many compliments. The little scoop is cute and helps avoid hands going into the dish and touching all of the candy!” – by LEWK91209

9) This pasta dish with “endless pastabilities”

Pasta Dish

Promising Review:

“I was totally blown away with the size of this bowl! It is HUGE!! I actually couldn’t find a spot to store it, it was so large!!! I ended up putting it on the dresser in my palm tree themed guest room. It looks spectacular. It will be great for guests to put their “stuff” in!!

My hubby used it for dipping large quantities of French toast in egg batter. So it’s not just a pasta bowl! I could see delivering a crab or other seafood salad to a buffet or cookout in this! Spectacular!

Great GREAT bowl!” – by Elizabeth In Kauai


10) This happy little pitcher that stores all that delicious fresh juice you worked so tirelessly to make


Promising Review:

“I love this pitcher! It is just the right size for a standard table to use during a dinner- or put flowers in, on the counter. It has a slight beveled texture that adds the the charm and the words are engraved.” – by JennaWeise


11) This salad bowl that lets your salad get all dressed and fancy

Salad Bowl

Promising Review:

“Very elegant piece for the table, yet it works well as daily dinnerware as well depending on how you dress up or down the table with linens and whatnot. Seems to be more durable than I anticipated. I’m not afraid of breaking it as I wash it. Really completes the look when you get the collection of matching plates and platters.” – by Laurinda


12) This hummus bowl that lets you hog ALL of the hummus!

Hummus Bowl

Yeah, you know you want it all to yourself. We’ve all been there.

Promising Review:

“Loved this for my hostess with the mostess aunt. Will likely buy a couple more to have on hand as thank you hostess gifts!” – by Kelsey R.

13)  A holy guacamole bowl that reminds you to dig in, because it’s “guac-o-clock” somewhere

Guacamole Bowl

It even looks like a cute Mexican molcajete!

Promising Review:

“Loved it! Bought the guacamole, salsa, and queso bowls for a wedding shower gift! They were a hit!” – by Belinda Hunter



So don’t worry, cook/bake/grill on! These dishes will thank you for filling ’em up with the good stuff.

Happy hosting!

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