6 Savory Apple Recipes to try this Fall

6 Savory Apple Recipes to try this Fall
Apples are great all year round, but the Fall is when they really shine (apple picking, anyone?). They are very versatile since they can be used as a key ingredient in breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners, and, OF COURSE, desserts. Contrary to popular opinion, apples can be enjoyed in savory dishes as well, so don’t let them go to waste! Check out these unique recipes that balance savory and sweet.


  1. Samosa cakes with Apple Chutney
1. Samosa Cakes with Apple Chutney

These samosa cakes are a delightful snack to have on a crisp Fall Saturday afternoon. They are filled with all the warming spices of Indian cuisine, but unlike traditional samosas, they aren’t filled with empty deep-fried calories. The apple chutney pairs well to balance out the spices with tartness and a little sweetness.


  1. Red Cabbage and Apple Soup
2. Red Cabbage and Apple Soup

Kind of like a Russian borscht, this soup’s texture is thick and hearty. Both the beets and apple play a role in creating the sweet-and-savory taste as they are both very versatile. This recipe can easily be made vegan by using cashew or coconut cream.


  1. Pumpkin, Apple, and Caramelized Onion Quesadillas
3. Pumpkin Apple and Caramelized Onion Quesedilla
One Green Planet

Caramelized onions go great with some tart apples such as the granny smith variety. Pair them with more wonderful fall produce, pumpkin, for a unique twist to your normal bean-and-veggie quesadillas. Don’t want to cut open a pumpkin? Don’t fret! You can use sweet potato or butternut squash to maintain that pumpkin-y flavor. Check out the recipe here.


  1. Kale and Apple Soup
4. Kale Apple Soup
Cara’s Cravings

Do you love or hate kale? Well, either way, this soup is for you. Paired with apple, kale’s bitterness is reduced, and it brings upon a much brighter taste. The ground chia seeds in this recipe make for a thicker, more robust texture than your everyday soup.


  1. Sweet and Savory Grilled Cheese (with Apples and Cheddar)
5. Sweet and Savory Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Minimalist Baker

Apples and cheddar are a match made in heaven. To keep this recipe vegan-friendly, use Daiya or your favorite brand of vegan cheddar slices.


  1. Ajo-Blanco
6. Ajo Blanco
Bon Appetit

Looking for something to make ahead? This chilled soup is even better the day after it’s made, as the flavors really meld together wonderfully. Like gazpacho, it’s made to be served chilled and you can use up that day-old bread! Unlike gazpacho, it’s made with green grapes, and in this particular recipe, the grapes are combined with tart green apples to bring out that Autumnal flavor. Yum!


…and if you really want to use them up and not go through a whole process, just eat them whole. They’re delicious, after all!

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