7 Kinds of Vegan Gluten Free Pasta

7 Kinds of Vegan Gluten Free Pasta

Pasta is so versatile and can be utilized for not only Italian dishes, but fused with Mexican, Chinese, or even Indian cuisine. It can replace the carb in various meals found around the world. However, it is generally made from wheat, and it isn’t fair for those with a gluten-intolerance because it’s all too delicious to give up entirely! Since it’s National Pasta Day, what better way to celebrate than with a round-up of the most unique vegan and gluten free pastas that are not made from wheat? Let’s include everyone on this joyous day.


1) Barilla – Gluten Free

Barilla - Gluten Free Lasagne

Pictured above is lasagne (no boil!), but they also have gluten-free versions of spaghetti, penne, fettuccini, rotini, and macaroni.


2) Le Veneziane – Corn

Le Veneziane - Corn Pasta

Although a tad on the expensive side, it is quite popular amongst the gluten-free population. Available in a variety of different shapes including lasagne, fettuccini, farfalle, and many more.


3) Explore Cuisine- Black Bean

Explore Cuisine- Black Bean Spaghetti

This pasta is made entirely from black beans, so it has a great amount of protein!


4) Tolerant – Green Lentil & Kale

Tolerant - Green Lentil & Kale

Tolerant’s pasta has both protein (from the lentils) and greens (from the kale), PLUS it looks like a carb on your plate. What more do you need? And that’s not all… they have another variety with Green Lentils and Beets!


5) Banza – Chickpea

Banza - Chickpea

Made mainly from chickpeas, tapioca, and pea protein, this pasta packs a nutritious punch and comes in many different shapes (such as shells, elbows, penne, and rotini the variety pack pictured above).


6) Andean Dream – Quinoa

Andean Dream - Quinoa

Quinoa, but in pasta form! The variety pack pictured above has shells, fusilli, and macaroni. Yum.


7) Miracle Noodles – Yam

Miracle Noodles - Yam

Made from the root of a yam called Konjak, these noodles are 0 calories! They are composed of soluble fiber that slows digestion and aids in fat loss. These zero carb pastas are available in fettuccini, angel hair, and rice varieties. There’s even a spinach flavor if you want to get your veggies in.

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