8 Gifts under $50 for the Coffee Lover

8 Gifts under $50 for the Coffee Lover

Happy Holiday Season! Here are 8 gifts under $50 for the coffee lover in your life. Don’t worry, these products promote less waste for your every day life!

1) This Pour Over Coffee Kettle that has its own thermometer

Pour Over Coffee Kettle

Price: $43.97 for the 1 Liter
Rating: 4.8 (1,240 reviews)


Promising Review:

Terrific Coffee Making!

I realize how much I like my coffee, using my Pour-Over kettle. It’s the zen-like process of setting up my brewing equipment. Almost like a Japanese Tea Ceremony!

Now I’m at the car repair shop, drinking their insipid K-cup brew. Coffee I make with my kettle takes 3 or 4 minutes but it’s so much better than the ‘Instant’ coffees…

The kettle is beautifully made and handles nicely.You’ll be delighted with the ergonomics as you hold the kettle. The water temperature can be read exactly from the thermometer on the cover. Be careful not to let the lid fall off when you pour. If you’re a newbie like me, do watch the You-tube instructional videos. Enjoy!” – by Frederick L Greene


2) A Pour Over Coffee Maker that doesn’t ruin your coffee with a plastic taste

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Price: $24.81
Rating: 4.8 (673 reviews)


Promising Review:

Coffee so good, it will ruin you

My how the tables have come full circle and turned upside down.

I started my love affair with coffee at a young age, addicted the the auto drip coffee. As I grew I became less enamored with it, but I still called her every week. Then things changed on the Honeymoon with my Wife. We stayed a fancy hotel and Coffee, well she was served as a french press. Oh those seductive notes, the rich taste, she lulled me back to her again.

As soon as I got home I got a French Press and never looked back. Now it is 10 years later. Sometimes I give in and get coffee from the coffee machine, but I love the french press still. I started drinking Blonde roast about 2 years ago. I was reading and someone mentioned that blonde roast is better as a pour over. My coworker also parroted that pour over is the best coffee.

Pour over? What the heck is that? French press all the way baby that’s all there is to it. Most people see Pour over as a uniquely Hipster thing. A level of coffee snobbery I have left un-attained. And yet… I ordered this on curiosity. I reviewed a bunch of options, and decided that I didn’t want to go back to using filters, so metal mesh is fine for me. This seemed to be the best between aesthetics, build quality, and reviews.” – by Rarzilla


3) This Coffee Storage Canister that actually keeps your coffee fresh

Coffee Storage Canister

Price: $35.99 for the Charcoal Grey
Rating: 4.8 (1,652 reviews)


This set includes a large canister, a mini canister, and a scoop.


Promising Review:

Perfect for Keeping Coffee Fresh

This is the only canister I use for my coffee beans. It’s a beautiful canister that looks great sitting on my counter. I’ve purchased 3 canisters over the past 6 months – two of the large and 1 of the smaller. I have a large stainless steel and a smaller blue canister. I like them so much that I bought one for my sister, who is a very serious coffee drinker. She loves the canister as well. The canister has a calendar dial on top for keeping track and a permanent filter. The canisters are sturdy and seal tightly. I really love the stainless steel scoops that come with the canister. The large canister scoop comes with a longer handle. I highly recommend these canisters!” – by Mary


4) A fun coffee condiments set for some fancy-shmancy times

Mud Pie Coffee Set

Price: $24.99 for the set with Gold Accents
Rating: 4.6 (78 reviews)


They have a variety of designs that are all super chic.


Promising Review:

Five Stars

Adorable! This set is so cute and just perfect. I get a lot of compliments on it.” – by Erin Ziegler


5) A Coffee Grinder that guarantees really fresh taste

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Price: $23.99
Rating: 4.5 (3,653 reviews)


The freshest coffee is the kind that has just been ground from whole beans. The aroma is to die for. This manual coffee grinder has the BEST reviews on Amazon, and for a good reason! The quality is unmatched by any other, and to top it all off, it’s the most eco-friendly since it does not use energy!


Promising Review:

Great, Simple, Well made, Grinder


I have had 2 weeks now and drink 4 cups a day .
I use a high quality organic coffee bean… purified water… brew at around 190 degrees.
This is a lovely aesthetically and functionally wonderful little machine.
I will order another just in case this either breaks or wears out.
It seems to be very well constructed. I am 70 and have no problems turning the grinder.
I only had to experiment once to get the correct grind for my use.
Got nothing for this review… want nothing.. except good coffee.
Life is way to flipping short at my age to drink crappy coffee.

Hope this helps,

Update….. Using for 2 months now. Thoroughly pleased. EXCELLENT coffee…. easy to use… very easy to grind
It works as good as the first day. I will probably buy a second one just to have a spare. The manufacturer offers a discount on your second purchase. This is almost unnecessary as they are so economical in the first place. I love good value for the money and well made items….3/13/2016″ – by KenBar


6) This Milk Frothing set with fun holiday café art designs

Milk Frothing Set

Price: $22.99
Rating: 4.7 (1,642 reviews)

No more ruined (scalded) almond milk! Make that cappuccino/latte the right way.


Promising Review:

Learn the art of frothing and quit complaining

Well, I was NOT offered a discount for my opinion like a lot of the ones I see, but I’ll give one anyway, simply because of some of the negative reviews. The PowerLix feels solid and yes, it is powerful so yes, it has the ability to both mix powder drinks AND sling foam out of the cup. In fact, I momentarily redecorated by kitchen with little foam spots all over the place the first time I used it. But like making a fine cup of coffee, there’s an art to using the PowerLix and once you figure it out (probably the second time you use it), it absolutely does the job. My technique is to do it in short bursts, hovering on top for no longer than one second, then pushing it down to the bottom until the milk cyclone tries to jump out of the cup. Timing is everything.


I’d much rather have one powerful enough to mix powder and have to scale it back for milk frothing than have one that can barely make it through milk without slowing down and burning the motor up after a few uses. This should last for quite some time.” – by Hammondman


7) A beautifully spill-proof Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Travel Mug

Price: $24.99 for the 24-oz Stainless Steel
Rating: 4.3 (15,811 reviews)


Keeps your liquids hot for 6 hours or cold for 18 hours.


Promising Review:

Buy this at once and ignore the nay-sayers!

This is the best coffee mug I have ever owned. bottom line: lives up to its promise. I actually forgot this mug in my office before a meeting and when I came back for it six hours later the coffee was still STEAMING. Bewildered by some of the negative comments… Why invest the time to log on to Amazon and complain but not take 67 seconds to read the enclosed instructions?? The rubber on the lid tastes funny? Wash the lid with soap and water before first use… AS INSTRUCTED. The cup overflows when you put the top on? Do not put liquid past the fill-line… AS INSTRUCTED. Yes, you just about fit an entire Dunkin XL (24 oz) inside if you go past the fill line, but this is sold as a TWENTY oz cup. So imagine that, overfilling it can cause it to overflow! Who knew? I burned myself because the coffee was too hot and/or I didn’t know how to control the flow of liquid…? Surely that’s a joke. Hot coffee is hot and this product is designed to keep it hot for a long time (which it does better than any other competing product I have tried in 2 decades). As for use… The, err, “drinking slit” (sorry, unfamiliar with technical coffee kid nomenclature) is exactly the same shape and location as that on every take-out coffee lid everywhere on earth. If you can’t figure out how it works, go to the nearest Dunkin donuts or Starbucks or freaking McCafe and watch someone else drink a coffee. It is a fairly intuitive process.” – by Shawn M.


8) This stylish Coffee Carafe that does NOT make your coffee come into contact with plastic

Thermal Coffee Carafe

Price: $28.99
Rating: 4.8 (472 reviews)


For those busy days when you don’t want to keep making individual cups of coffee to last you your entire morning.


Promising Review:

Wonderful Carafe that keeps water/coffee hot

We received this carafe about a week ago and it is beautiful. We were super excited to test it out! Our old thermos was broken so we were in desperate need of a replacement. Upon arrival my husband took it out of the box, washed it and immediately boiled hot water and filled it. We used it for hot water and not coffee. This Pykal thermal carafe is AMAZING!! He put hot water in this thing at 5pm and it was still hot the next day. We poured a cup of water out at noon the next day and the water was still steaming. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pykal Thermal Coffee Carafe. My husband said this is one of the best purchases we’ve bought on Amazon. I did my research ahead of time and read the reviews. And this product had such great reviews that I decided to go with this even thought there are a dozen other brands of coffee carafes out there. I’m so glad we got this. Really well made, sturdy, beautiful (it sits proudly on our kitchen counter) and most importantly, it does keep coffee/water hot for a long time. Thank you Pykal for a beautiful product!” – by Ann


Happy Holiday gift-giving!


8 Gifts Under $50 for the Coffee Lover

Note: All of the prices marked above were the prices at the time of writing this article. They are subject to change.

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